Friday, March 30, 2012

Siberian, Species and Japanese Irises

I was so disappointed to hear about the cancellation of the Siberian and Species Convention, but then the Ensata Gardens Catalog arrived and on the cover the glorious Japanese iris called 'Alexisaurus,' which seems to indicate an enormous bloom; and that act of viewing this iris and the catalog, these mere mortal and ordinary activities, just took my breath away and once again had an out of body experience. (Wait a minute, I meant to keep that to myself.) In any case, my disappointment somehow disappeared, and an air of calm overcame me.

Ensata says that 'Alexisaurus' is a pure white tetraploid Jill Copeland 2012 introduction of flairing form, with 6-inch blooms. Here it is, you be the judge. Would this take your breath away?

Then, after viewing the entire collection of irises carried by Ensata, the catalog concludes with another amazing looking Siberian iris, by hibridizer and fellow blog contributor, Bob Hollingsworth. It's his 2012 introduction 'Lemmon Mousse.' Bob says that,"a clump makes a sweet dessert of yellow and white confection. Lemon yellow buds open to yellow blooms that change to near white with yellow signals by mid day." Man, am I taking this experience too seriously or are these beautiful irises inspiring you too?

I could not keep this information to myself, so here it is.

The information about the Siberian and Species Iris Convention postponement is here, and for information about a future Convention date, please check the Siberian Iris Society's website.

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