Saturday, July 16, 2011

Iris Classics: 'Cascade Splendor'

In 1944 Cooley's Gardens introduced a new creation from Dr. Kleinsorge called 'Cascade Splendor'. It proved to be one of the most popular irises of its day, and was heavily used by others in breeding better blends of all types.

It was described in Cooley's Gardens catalog as:
"Very large ruffled pink, tan and apricot blend, with extra heavy stalk 40 inches tall and bearing up to ten flowers. The ruffling is more pronounced than in any Iris we have ever introduced and is most unusual in so large an Iris. It blooms quite late."

A child of 'Mexico' crossed with 'Goldbeater', it won an Honorable Mention in 1945, and the Award of Merit in 1947. More than a few people were surprised it never won the Dykes Medal.

The amazing rainbow of color tones it displays changes dramatically with the play of sunlight over the course of the day. 'Cascade Splendor' is a classic in every sense, and is still an iris well worth growing. All the good qualities it had in the 40's are still there. Give it a try.

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