Saturday, April 2, 2011

Photo Time is Coming!

Spring is here, the iris fans are rising fast and blooms will be here before you know it. Time to get your camera ready for the 2011 AIS Photo Contest. Entries are being accepted from April 1 to June 30, 2011. This contest is free and open to everyone, with the exception of contest Judges and the contest chairperson who are not eligible to enter or win. The winning photo in each category will be published in the AIS January Bulletin and on the AIS web site. Prior year’s winners and honorable mentions can be viewed on the AIS web site at

The 2011 winner of each category will receive a 2011 Iris introduction. The winner of each category will also receive a single annual membership or membership extension to AIS. Winners who are AIS life members will receive an annual membership in an AIS Section of their choice. Runners-up of each category will receive a 2009-2010 introduction.

I've been taking iris photos for years now and really enjoy it. I've learned alot thru trial and error - it really is the best teacher. Take as many photos as you can, which is easy now with digital cameras, varying your angle, distance and time of day. Avoid strong sunlight and distracting backgrounds. I most enjoy making use of morning and evening light. The sunshine streaming in from the side can make for luminous flowers, if not for accurate color representation. Here's a few of my favorite shots using the sunset for dramatic effect.

[In order Mady Carrieie, Thotmes III, Black And Gold, Yves Lassailly]

For more information on taking great flower photos please visit these websites: Photographing Irises by Melanie North or Notes on Photographing Irises by me! Know of others? Please leave a link in the comments.

For information about entering the AIS 2011 Photo Contest please visit the AIS Website. I look forward to seeing your winning photos in next January's issue of Irises!


  1. Thanks Mike! I just checked out your notes on photographing irises and really enjoyed it.

  2. Wonderful post I'm looking forward to sharing Annie