Tuesday, January 17, 2023

A Growing Iris Resource on YouTube: Part V

by Heather Haley

In this post, I'll continue sharing an update for a growing iris resource on YouTube. The American Iris Society (AIS) uses its YouTube Channel to help organize and disseminate knowledge of the genus Iris, while fostering its preservation, enjoyment, and continued development. Many of the videos available are from the AIS Webinar Series, and their upload was planned for the benefit of all persons interested in irises.

In "A Growing Iris Resource On YouTube: Part I," I shared the origin of the AIS Webinar Series in 2020 as well as descriptions of recorded presentations that brought iris enthusiasts together during the pandemic. As the Webinar Series continued in 2021 and 2022, I shared in Parts IIIII, and IV
The following describes the remaining webinars that AIS volunteers prepared, delivered, recorded, and posted to our YouTube Channel during 2022.

Jill Bonino is a master judge, often providing programs and judges training on various topics. Jill serves as the AIS treasurer and as the AIS Foundation secretary/treasurer. In this webinar, learn about established iris color patterns, common patterns which are not yet in the Judges Handbook, and recent unique color variations that show up in all classes of irises.

Jean Richter is an AIS master judge, board member, and historic and novelty iris enthusiast. She is a former officer of the Historic Iris Preservation Society, former Regional Vice President for AIS Region 14, and co-president of the Sydney B. Mitchell Iris Society. In this webinar, explore the varied legacy of iris visionary Lloyd Austin. Though now known primarily for his introduction of “space age” novelty iris, Dr. Austin had a profound effect on other types of irises as well, including arilbreds and reblooming irises.

Chuck Chapman lives in Ospringe, just north of Guelph, Ontario, Canada in an agricultural zone 4. He is the owner of Chapman Iris (chapmaniris.com) and has been studying plant breeding and genetics since 1960. Learn about biological cycles relevant to bloom and rebloom including pollination, seed formation, breaking chemical and cold dormancy, growing out seeds, maturity, summer dormancy, bud set, growth of increases, and winter dormancy.

Bob Pries is an emeritus judge and the creator of the AIS Iris Encyclopedia (aka iris wiki)Bob has served on the AIS Board of Directors and on the Board of the AIS Foundation. He has also served on the board of several AIS Sections or Cooperating Societies over the years including the Species Iris Group of North America, the Dwarf Iris Society, and the Aril Society International. Learn about the effects species have made on the development of the iris classifications; the progress towards new classifications, and the potential for crosses in the future.

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